This option configures the path to the textboxio folder in your application. This path on the server must contain the resources folder from the unpacked The editor will attempt to detect this path automatically by searching for a script tag reference to itself, assuming that the file has been unpacked at that location.

The editor will throw a JavaScript error and not load if a basePath is not provided and auto detection fails.

Successful auto detection requires a script tag referencing textboxio.js. The referenced filename may be different if it is added to the page dynamically or processed by another script / application. When this occurs it is necessary to specify a basePath in the editor configuration.

Example Configuration

In this example, a configuration object specifies a custom path to the textboxio folder as unpacked from

Server contents:
  ↳ path
    ↳ to
      ↳ textboxio
        ↳ resources
        ↳ textboxio.js

var config = {
	basePath : '/path/to/textboxio'
var editor = textboxio.replace('#targetId', config);



A string that defines the file path to the textboxio folder.

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