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Welcome to Textbox.io

Textbox.io is a tool for creating great looking content in online apps. Whether it’s in social communities, blogs, emails, or anything in between, Textbox.io lets people express themselves on the web.

We believe that writing isn’t just a task, it's how we express who we are in a new digital world. The sum of what you write is often far more than the characters on the page. Writing matters, and the tools we use to write should matter too.

Getting Started

Textbox.io consists of a JavaScript-based rich text editor and a set of server components that provide functionality to enrich the editing experience.

Getting started with Textbox.io is easy.  See the Getting Started guide on how to install the editor client onto a web server and be up and running with the Textbox.io SDK in minutes.  

More Information

Features, examples and pricing information can be found at http://textbox.io

Getting Help

Please open a support case or post on the online forums at the Tiny Support center. Before contacting support, review the information our support team needs to assist you.