Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : Creating Dynamic Content

The combination of filters and macros in the editor can create a powerful environment for creating dynamic page content in the editor.

Dynamic content is where a script, templating engine, or process evaluates a variable or declared function contained within a HTML document.

An example of such a dynamic page fragment might be:

  <p> The date today is: [[date]] </p>

Where [[date]] is evaluated at render-time by some outside process, for example.

Often, it is difficult to portray such dynamic content in a WYSIWYG editing environment, without taking away the dynamic behavior itself.

Using macros, you can replace content in real-time, whilst preserving original state by wrapping original values in data- attributes.

The demo below shows an example where we can show true WYSIWYG output of dynamic functions, such as [[date]], but use the original function when editor.content.get() is called: