Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : Developer Guide

The WYSIWYG HTML Editor SDK. Designed for Mobile and Desktop.

Textbox.io is a tool for creating great looking content in online apps. Whether it’s in social communities, blogs, emails, or anything in between, Textbox.io lets people express themselves on the web.

Textbox.io uses the latest HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 technologies to deliver the best possible editing experience.  Key design goals of Textbox.io include:

  • Provide a minimal, functional and responsive user interface designed to deliver great usability in any application
  • Support mobile devices with first class editing and responsive design
  • Deliver unbeatable copy and paste from Microsoft® Office™
  • Create clean, well formatted HTML in all circumstances
  • Provide a simple yet powerful API to enable easy integration
  • Leverage the power of modern web standards 

The Basics

Working with Textbox.io is simple.  In the most basic terms, all you need to do to integrate Textbox.io is:

  1. Load the textboxio.js library
  2. Call the replace method to replace <div> or <textarea> elements with a Textbox.io instance. 

Textbox.io can be used as either a standalone editor client or combined with the Server-Side Components. These Server-Side Components offer a set of supporting services that can be used to enrich the editing environment.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started guide to start using Textbox.io in your applications in minutes.