EditLive! 9 End User Help : Frequently Asked Questions


This article lists several common questions about EditLive! along with detailed answers



A toolbar/menu item does not appear in EditLive! as this help file specifies.

Answer: This functionality has not been added to your editor instance. See your Systems Administrator to install the functionality.

My table has no border, but a border still appears on screen.

Answer: This dashed border is used as a guideline and will not appear in the actual HTML. Use the Hide Guidelines menu/toolbar item to enable or disable this functionality.

The insert symbol dialog doesn't contain my desired symbol.

Answer: The items appearing in the insert symbols dialog are defined by your Systems Administrator. If your Systems Administrator is unwilling or unable to add your desired symbol, you can copy the symbol from an external location and paste it directly into your content.

I've inserted an image, but now I want to change it's size. How do I change the properties of an image I've already inserted.

Answer: For information on editing Image Properties, see the Editing Image Properties article.

How do I change the appearance of a list

Answer: For information on editing List properties, see the Editing List Properties article.

How can I resize the editor?

Answer: EditLive! for Java is set to appear as a default size by the Systems Administrator. You can, however, use the Window View functionality to view the editor as a separate resizeable window. For more information, see the Window View Mode article.

Can I insert mathematical equations into my content?

Answer: Yes. EditLive! supports the use of an equation editor. Equations can be generated in this dialog and then entered into the content of EditLive!. For more information, see the Equation Editing article.