EditLive! 9 End User Help : Window View Mode


When appearing on screen, EditLive! will be embedded in a webpage as a fixed size.

The Window View mode of the editor allows the editor to appear in a separate, resizeable window.

Launching the Window View Mode

There are 2 basic methods for launching EditLive! in the Window View mode:

  • Toolbar Buttons
  • Menu Items


The toolbar, menu and context menu items described below may not appear in your instance of EditLive!. This would be due to your Systems Administrator removing this functionality. For more information, see your Systems Administrator.

Toolbar Button

 The EditLive! toolbar provides the following buttons for launching Window View mode:

  •  Window View

Menu Item

The  Window View item is located under the View menu.

Switching Between the WebPage and Window View

After launching the Window View, there are two separate options for returning to the webpage view:

  • Close the Window View
  • Click the Restore EditLive to the Browser button now appearing in the webpage.