Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : editor.content

eGroups together functions related to the content of a Textbox.io Editor instance. 


editor.content.selectionMethods for working with selected content in the editor


editor.content.get()Retrieves the HTML contents of an instance's content <body> element.
editor.content.set()Sets the HTML contents of an instance's content <body> element.
editor.content.documentElement()Retrieves the editors HTML Document Object.
editor.content.insertHtmlAtCursor()Inserts HTML at the last known cursor position in an instance.
Check if the content has been updated or changed since it was set.
Set the content dirty state.
editor.content.uploadImages()Adds Base64 images to the Textbox.io Services upload queue.

Deprecated methods

editor.content.getSelectedText has been deprecated in favour of the selection getText method