Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : editor.content.set()

Set the HTML content of an instance's <body> element with editor.content.set().


// Set the HTML content of an instance
var contentToSet = "<p>Any HTML Content</p>";


htmlStringSpecify the HTML to which the editor’s contents will be set as a string.


No return value.



Injecting Content into JavaScript

If you are using a server side programming language to inject your content you need to make sure that the result of your code creates valid JavaScript. For example, if you use this in a JSP:

var content = "${myObject.content}";

you will create invalid JavaScript if ${myObject.content} contains any double quotes and/or carriage returns and/or line feeds. If ${myObject.content} had a double quote you would end up with this:

var content = "<p>This is content with "quoted content" in the paragraph</p>";

As you can see the double quotes in the content leads to a malformed string. CR/LF characters will create similar issues as the string would stretch over multiple lines. To avoid these issues you should remove CR and LF characters and escape any other characters that could cause issues for a string. These include:

  • Single quote
  • Double quote

How you escape these characters is specific to the server side language you are using but all popular server side languages provide the ability to escape characters in strings.