This option configures the behavior of the code view feature and button. Note that it is possible to disable the code view button, but still trigger the code view feature with editor.mode.set(mode).

This configuration attribute is ignored on mobile devices and inline editing modes. For these scenarios, the code view has been forcibly disabled.


Example Configuration

In this example, a configuration object disables the editor code view button while leaving the feature enabled.

var config = {
	codeview : {
		enabled: true,
		showButton: false
var editor = textboxio.replace('#targetId', config);



true to enable codeview for the editor instance. false to disable.


true to show the codeview button for the editor instance. false to disable.

Codeview Default Configuration

The Codeview feature is enabled by default, the default value for the enabled and showButton properties are true.

For further information see Configuration Defaults.

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