The ui aria-label property defines the editor's ARIA label. The editor's ARIA label identifies the editor to screen readers and other assistive devices.

Default label

If no label is configured, the default ARIA label is " Rich Text Editor - <id>" where <id> is the ID attribute of the element used to load the editor. When the editor fullscreen feature is used, this changes to " Fullscreen Rich Text Editor - <id>".

If no ID is available on the target element and the default label is in use, a random 6 digit number is used instead.

The default ARIA label is translated into all supported languages, and will match the locale of the editor.

Configured label

If a label is configured none of the above translation or referencing the target element ID is performed. The string is used exactly as configured.

Example Configuration

In this example using default configuration, the ARIA label will be " Rich Text Editor - blog"

<div id="blog"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
var editor = textboxio.replace('#blog');

In this example, a simple configuration object is created that specifies a custom ARIA Label.

The ARIA label will be "Post Body Text", as none of the default label is included in this scenario.

var configUi = {
  ui: {
    'aria-label': 'Post Body Text'
var editor = textboxio.replace('#targetId', configUi);