Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : editor.filters.predicate.addInput()

Create a predicate based input filter for an editor instance with editor.filters.predicate.addInput().

The predicate based input filter modifies content added to the editor with: textboxio.replace(), editor.content.set()editor.content.insertHtmlAtCursor().


editor.filters.predicate.addInput(matchingFn, callback)
// A matching function identifying elements that are HTML comments and then returning those elements
var comments = function(element) {
    return element.nodeType == 8 || element.nodeName == '#comment';

// Create an in filter identifying comments, supplying the matching function highlights the comment text in a red span and then removes the original comment
editor.filters.predicate.addInput(comments, function(elements) {
    $(elements).each(function(index, element){
    var textContent = $(element)[0].textContent;
        $(element).after('<span style="background-color:red;">' + textContent + '</span>');


matchingFnFunctionSpecify a named function that returns the elements you wish to pass to the callback function.
callbackFunctionA function to process the array of matched elements.


No return value.

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