EditLive! 9 Documentation : setEditableSectionCSS Method

Removed in EditLive! 8.0

This function was removed in EditLive! 8.0. If called, it will perform no operation.


When creating an instance of EditLive!, various methods can be used to define the CSS used by the editor. For a comprehensive list of the methods available for applying CSS to EditLive!, see the Using CSS in the Applet article in the Developer Guide for this SDK.

Any DIV registered with EditLive! as an Inline Editing Section can render its content using the same CSS as EditLive! - this is the default behavior. Prior to EditLive! 8.0, the setEditableSectionCSS load-time property could be used to enable or disable rendering on an inline editing section with the same CSS as EditLive!.

For more information on the Inline Editing functionality of EditLive!, see the Using Inline Editing article in the Developer Guide for this SDK, or undertake the Using Inline Editing tutorial.

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