EditLive! 9 Documentation : Adding and Removing Menu or Toolbar Items Tutorial

Getting Started

Required Skills

The following skills are required prior to working with this tutorial:

  • Basic Knowledge of XML
Required Tutorials Completed

The following tutorials are required to be undertaken before attempting this tutorial:

Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttons Using a Text Editor

Step 1. Open the sample_eljconfig.xml Configuration File

For your EditLive! SDK, open the redistributables/edlitlivejava directory in your SDK. Locate the sample_eljconfig.xml Configuration File. This file is the default Configuration File provided by Tiny.

Open the sample_eljconfig.xml Configuration File using a text editor.

Step 2. Remove the Table Menu

EditLive! menu items are stored as <menuItem> elements. These <menuItem> elements are embedded in <menu> elements. <menu> elements define the menu name (such as File or Edit). Use the Reference section of this SDK to read up on the <menu> and <menuItem> Configuration File elements.

In this tutorial we will edit the sample_eljconfig.xml file to:

  • Remove all of the table related menu items and toolbar buttons.
  • Add the Insert Horizontal Rule toolbar button and menu item.

Open the sample_eljconfig.xml file using a text editor. Locate the <menu name="ephox_tablemenu"> menu.

        <menu name="ephox_tablemenu">
            <menuItem name="InsTable"/>
            <menuItem name="InsRowCol"/>
            <menuItem name="InsCell"/>
            <menuItem name="DelRow"/>
            <menuItem name="DelCol"/>
            <menuItem name="DelCell"/>
            <menuItem name="Split"/>
            <menuItem name="Merge"/>
            <menuItem name="PropCell"/>
            <menuItem name="PropRow"/>
            <menuItem name="PropCol"/>
            <menuItem name="PropTable"/>
            <menuItem name="Gridlines"/>

Delete this entire element to remove the table menu and all its menu items. Save this Configuration File as customized_eljconfig.xml.

Step 3. Add a New Menu

Nest a new <menu> element with-in the <menuBar> element. Assign the value Horizontal Rule to the name attribute for the <menu> element.

               <menu name="Horizontal Rule">

Step 4. Add a New Menu Item to the Horizontal Rule Menu

The Menu and Toolbar Item List Developer Guide article specifies the unique value (when assigned to a <menuItem> or <toolbarButton> name attribute) used to create each menu item or toolbar button.

Within the <menu name="Horizontal Rule"> element, nest a <menuItem> element with the value HRule assigned to its name attribute.

               <menu name="Horizontal Rule">
                       <menuItem name="HRule"/>