The configuration information contained within this element contains the various settings to use for the menu bar within EditLive!. Items will appear in the menu bar of EditLive!, from left to right, in the order that they appear in the EditLive! configuration document.

The configuration information within this element includes settings for each menu (eg. View, Edit).


     <menuBar showAboutMenu='true'>
          <!--menu bar configuration settings-->

Boolean. Defaults to false. Determines whether an "About EditLive" menu appears.


If you remove the About EditLive! menu by setting this attribute to false or removing the menuBar element completely you must either use the helpgroup megamenu on the toolbar to make the About EditLive! dialog available or replicate the open source licensing information contained within the About EditLive! dialog in another place within your software and/or documentation.


This element contains the settings for a specific menu (eg. View, Edit).

The <menuBar> element can appear only once within the <editLive> element.