Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : textboxio

The Textbox.io Editor API starts with the textboxio JavaScript global. The textboxio global is available after the editor JavaScript file is loaded on a page. 

The textboxio global lets you create, modify, and interact with instances of the Textbox.io Rich Text Editor.


Replaces a DOM element with a Textbox.io Editor instance. 
Replaces DOM elements with Textbox.io Editor instances. 
inlineCreates an inline editable instance from a DOM element
inlineAllCreates a list of inline editable instances from a Jquery-style selector string or list of DOM elements
getRetrieves editor instances.
getActiveEditorRetrieves the active (last focused) editor instance.
isSupportedIdentifies whether Textbox.io supports the current browser.
versionIdentifies the version of the Textbox.io Editor client.


configConfiguration item for Textbox.io Editor instances created with replace or replaceAll.