Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : Server-Side Components

Textbox.io comes packaged with optional server-side components that enhance the functionality of the editor.

These server-side components enable:

  • Enhanced Spellchecking for improved error detection and suggestions as well as greater UI integration.
  • Extended Image Editing by allowing editing of images from the web through a proxy.
  • Hyperlink Validation to ensure that links in the content will resolve.
  • Enhanced Media Embed for transforming a pasted link into a rich representation of the target location.

The Textbox.io server-side components are compatible with Java Application Servers.

See the installing the server-side components article for more detail and to get started.

 ComponentEditor APIDescription
Spell CheckingspellingSpell checking service for JavaScript editors.
Extended Image Editing (Image Proxy)image.editingImage proxy to allow editing images from the web.
Hyperlink Checkinglinks.validationHyperlink validity checking service.
Enhanced Media Embedlinks.embedTransform hyperlinks into rich representations of the target location.