Textbox.io for IBM WCM : Enabling inplace editing

Please contact IBM if you require support.

Inplace editing does not currently support the Tone Analyzer.

To Enable Textbox.io for Inplace editing:

  1. Open the IBM WebSphere Administration Console:

  2. Navigate to Resources > Resource Environment > Resource Environment Providers:

  3. Click the "WCM WCMConfigService" link:

  4. Click the "Custom properties" link, under the "Additional Properties" heading:

  5. Click  the "New..." button:

  6. Apply the required values:
    1. In the "Name" field, enter: "inplaceEdit.defaultRichTextEditor".
    2. In the "Value" field, enter "Textbox.io".
    3. Click the "OK" button.

  7. Verify the new property has been added correctly:
  8. Restart the server

Additional Information

For additional information regarding web content authoring options and setting service configuration properties, please refer to the following IBM resources:




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