This element allows for the configuration of MathML content generated by the Equation Editor component of the editor.

Configuration Element Tree Structure


          <mathml ... />

Required Attributes


This attribute specifies whether equations created in the MathFlow equation editor are stored as either <img> tags or MathML markup language. This attribute is a boolean and can only be true or false. If set to true, the <img> tag generated will contain a mathml attribute. This attribute will contain the mathml markup.

Default Value: false

Optional Attributes


This attribute specifies the point size value of the images generated by the Equation Editor. This attribute is expressed as a numerical value.


This attribute specifies the dots-per-inch value to be used when printing MathML content. This attribute is expressed as a numerical value.


When specifying createEquationImage=true, this value specifies what image format is used to represent the MathML. This attribute has two values:

  • gif
  • png

Default Value: png

gif is only available for clients running the editor under JRE 1.6.


The <mathml> element can appear only once within the <mediaSettings> element.

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