This element defines a language.  The user is able to apply this language to content in EditLive! via the Content Language tool.  The Content Language tool enables users to mark up a document to indicate which language the content is in through the application of the HTML lang attribute.

Configuration File Element


          <language ...>

Required Attributes


This attribute defines the language code that will be applied to the content.

Optional Attributes


This attribute defines the text that will be displayed on the dropdown for the Content Language tool. If unspecified and the language code is known by EditLive!, EditLive! will provide a language name that is translated in the language of the user interface.


This attribute defines the directionality of the content. If unspecified, the value will default to "ltr".


The <language> element can appear multiple times within the <contentLanguages> element.

The <language> element must be a complete tag; it cannot contain a tag body. Therefore, the tag must be closed in the same line. See the example below:

<language lang=... display=... dir=.../>