EditLive! 9 Documentation : Commenting

The Commenting feature of EditLive! allows users to add comments to selections of text in a document. This feature integrates with the Track Changes feature by using the same usernames and colors to identify comments within the document.

In order for users to utilize the Commenting functionality, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Users are still operating the editor in their 30 day trial period, or
  • An Enterprise Edition license has been installed for the editor. For more information on licensing see the Licensing EditLive! article.

Enabling Commenting    

There are two steps to perform in order to enable Commenting.

Enabling the Commenting Plugin

Commenting is a plugin packaged with EditLive!. Because this plugin is packaged by default, you can simply specify the name attribute imageEditor for a <plugin> element resident in your EditLive! Configuration File.


               <plugin name="commenting" />
Specifying the Commenting Menu Items

The Menu and Toolbar Item List features two menu items for Commenting. By default, both menu items will appear in the Track Changes menu. In addition, the Add Comment... menu item will also appear in the shortcut (context) menu. For adding comments, we recommend using the shortcut menu as it allows the user to select text, right-click on it, and open the Commenting pop-up. The Commenting pop-up will appear next to the selected area of text regardless of which menu this menu item is placed on.