EditLive! 9 Documentation : thesaurus (Applet)

This element defines the location of the JAR file to be used with the thesaurus. This enables the dictionary to be defined for EditLive!. 

If this element is omitted, the location of the thesaurus will be calculated by combining the setDownloadDirectory Method with the current user's locale.

Example: If the DownloadDirectory for an instance of EditLive! is specified as http://yourserver:port/editlivejava and the user's locale is Canada, the generated URL for thesaurus will be http://yourserver:port/editlivejava/thesaurus/thes_ca_6_0.jar.

Configuration Element Tree Structure

<thesaurus (Applet)>

   <thesaurus ... />

Optional Attributes


The value for this attribute corresponds to the location of the JAR file to be used with EditLive! for the thesaurus.
The URL location of the JAR file can either be an absolute URL or a URL relative to the page where EditLive! is being loaded from.


This attribute defines whether the client running EditLive! will search the server hosting the EditLive! thesaurus for modified files. This attribute is a boolean and can have the value of either true or false. If this attribute is set to true when a modified thesaurus is located on the server this same file will be cached on the client.

Default Value: true

useNotModified was removed in EditLive 9.0.2. The thesaurus is checked against the server per standard HTTP caching mechanisms.

If you wish the thesaurus to be cached for a long time, configure your HTTP server to set the "expires" header for the thesaurus for some time in the future.


The following example demonstrates how to define the location of the spell checker JAR file to be used with EditLive!. Thesauruses that have been modified are cached.



The <thesaurus> element can appear only once within the <editLive> element.

If the <thesaurus> element is to be left blank the element must then be a complete tag; it cannot contain a tag body. Therefore the tag must be closed in the same line. It should appear as below:

<thesaurus jar=... />