EditLive! allows you to easily manipulate images using effects such as rotation, reflection and image cropping.

Image Editing is an optional functionality of EditLive!. Check with your Systems Administrator first to ensure this functionality exists in your instance of EditLive!.

Dynamically Resizing Images

Selecting an image will cause the image border to flash and nine black boxes to appear. These boxes represent the horizontal, vertical and diagonal vertices.

You click and hold your mouse button to drag these vertices and increase the size of the image. By default, image resizing using the corner resize handlers maintains the image aspect ratio. To resize an image without adhering to it's aspect ratio, hold the SHIFT key while resizing.

Using the Image Editor

Loading the Image Editor

Images can be edited via the Image Editing Toolbar. This toolbar will appear on screen any time you click on an image in the editor.

Rotating Images Clockwise

The  icon will rotate the currently selected icon in a clockwise direction.


Before                                    After

Rotating Images Counter-Clockwise

The  icon will rotate the currently selected icon in a counter-clockwise direction.

Before                                   After

Flipping Images Vertically

The  icon will flip the image so that it's upside down

Before                                  After

Flipping Images Horizontally

The  icon will flip the image so it appears back-to-front (i.e. the left side and right side of the image are switched).

Before                                  After

Applying Reflection to Images

The  icon will apply a reflection effect to images

Before                                After

Applying Drop-Shadows to Images

The  icon will apply a drop-shadow to images.

Before                                  After

Applying Rounded Corners to Images

The  icon will apply rounded corners to images

Before                                  After

Cropping Images

The  icon will display a crop mask over the currently selected image. This mask can be dragged over the image or resized using the 9 resize handlers appearing around the edge of the mask. Clicking the  icon again will replace the current image with the area selected in the crop mask.

Before the Crop icon is selected

Crop icon selected, crop mask displayed

Crop applied