The user interface colors of can be customized to match with the theme of your application.  

All the tooling that you require to theme can be found within the theme folder of the distribution.  Several example themes are also packaged in this directory.

Creating a Theme

The theme building tool requires knowledge of CSS syntax and use of command line tools. It also requires a node.js installation (link provided in README.html).

The README.html file in the theme folder contains instructions on how to setup and use the theme building tool packaged with

The tool enables designers to specify a small set of colors that are then compiled into a complete theme for use with  

Themes are compiled into a set of CSS files that are placed in the textboxio/resources/css folder ready for deployment. Theme Tooling

The theme folder of the distribution contains a theme building tool that can be used to easily create themes.  This tool consists of 3 main parts:

Deploying a Theme

Once a theme has been built the resulting CSS files are placed into the folder ready to be deployed with your instance of  This overwrites the default theme and no further action is required before deploying

It's recommended that the theme be deployed as part of a complete deployment to ensure that the compiled theme matches the deployed version of

Compiled themes should only be used with the same version of as the theme was developed and compiled against.

When updating to a new build of (i.e. a new version or a patch release) you will need to recompile your theme and deploy it as part of your update.

Developers should retain a backup of their theme.css file so that they can easily recompile their theme.