Users can easily insert hyperlinks to a variety of content from a range of locations with-in their EditLive! content.

Displaying the Hyperlink Insertion Dialog

There are 3 basic methods for launching the hyperlink insertion dialog:

The toolbar and menu items described below may not appear in your instance of EditLive!. This would be due to your Systems Administrator removing this functionality. For more information, see your Systems Administrator.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can launch the Hyperlink Insertion dialog by simultaneously pressing CTRL + K.

Toolbar Buttons

The  toolbar button opens the Hyperlink Insertion dialog.

Menu Items

The  Insert Hyperlink... menu item located under the Insert menu.

Using the Hyperlink Dialog

The Hyperlink Insertion dialog has 4 distinct options for creating a hyperlink. These options are depicted in the following sections.

However, 3 fields are always editable in each section:

Current Document Link

From the list appearing in the middle of the dialog, you can choose to insert any hyperlink that has already been specified in your current HTML document appearing in EditLive!. 

The Target Frame properties depicts how the item specified in the hyperlink will display to the user:

External Web Links

When choosing this option, a list of possible hyperlinks specified by your Systems Administrator will appear in the center of the dialog.

Email Address

A hyperlink can be created that points to an email address. When a user clicks this hyperlink, their default email application will load. An email draft will open in the user's email application with several values already assigned. These values automatically appearing in the email draft can be configured by using the following fields in the Ephox hyperlink dialog:

Places in Document

Automatically populates with heading tags and predefined bookmarks in the content. Selecting from this list creates internal hyperlinks to points with-in the document, rather than hyperlinks to completely different documents.

Creating a Hyperlink

 There are two methods for creating a hyperlink: