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This element provides the code view settings for use within Ephox EditLive!.

Configuration Element Tree Structure


     <sourceEditor ... />

Optional Attributes


This attribute is a boolean and can only be true or false. If set to true, only the HTML between the body tags will be shown in HTML View mode. HTML outside of the body (eg. style information) will be maintained.

If the AutoSubmit load-time property is set to true, when a HTML form containing EditLive! is submitted a hidden form field will be populated with the contents of the EditLive! code view.

Default Value: false


If set to "simple," then HTML errors are not silently corrected when switching back to design view. Instead, the error will be displayed to the user and the editor will remain in code view until the error is fixed.


If set to true, users will be able to access the Code view for documents. This attribute is a boolean and can only be true or false.

Default Value: true


The following example would ensure that only the content between the <BODY> tags was displayed.

     <sourceEditor showBodyOnly="true" />

The following example would allow users to view the source code of a document within EditLive!.

     <sourceEditor enabled="true" />


The <sourceEditor> element can appear only once within the <editLive> element.

If the <sourceEditor> element is to be left blank the element must then be a complete tag; it cannot contain a tag body. Therefore, the tag must be closed in the same line. It should appear as below:

<sourceEditor showBodyOnly="false"/>
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