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titleImporting Images from Microsoft Word and Excel

Importing images from Microsoft Word and Excel content requires the use of the Adobe Flash plugin on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

If the Adobe Flash plugin is not available or is blocked in the client browser then textual content will be imported but no image content will be imported.

Copy and paste on Internet Explorer 11 does not require any additional plugins.

Copy and paste from Microsoft Office is not supported on mobile device platforms.

titleEmbedded Web View Support for Mobile Platforms does not currently support the use of the editor within the web view of an iOS or Android application.

Ephox Tiny is currently working with selected app developers to bring this functionality to in future. If you're interested in working with inside an iOS or Android application (other than the browser) then please get in touch with Ephox Tiny via support.ephoxtiny.comcloud.

Web Services


titlePlatform Support

Ephox Tiny is committed to broadening support for various application servers / platforms. If you have a requirement to support an application server that is not listed here, please contact support@ephoxsupport@tiny.comcloud.