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  1. In SmartTree under Start -> Administer Project Settings -> General Settings you will find "Edit Settings" in the Action Menu (right side of the screen).  Click on Edit Settings.
  2. Click to select the "Use external editor" checkbox
  3. In the URL of external editor text field type in:  Ephox (not case-sensitive - and matches the name of the folder where you placed the integration code)
  4. Click OK to close the Edit Settings dialog

Step 3: Configuring IIS Security for the


Tiny Integration

  1. On the CMS server, in Windows, open up Administrative Tools -> IIS Manager
  2. In IIS Manager, on the left-hand tree structure, navigate to: Web Sites -> Default Web Site -> CMS -> ephox
  3. Right-click on that "ephox" folder and select "Permissions"
  4. In the new window, click "Add". In the window after that, click "Locations". 
  5. For your location, select the name of your server and not the domain name. For instance, if your CMS server is called "ComputerName", then you would selectComputerName in the list. Click "OK".
  6. Back on the "Select Users and Groups" window, click "Advanced" and then click "Find Now" in the new window. You will now see a list of all your users.
  7. In the list of users, select the users to give permissions to: Administrator, Administrators, IWAM_ComputerName, IUSR_ComputerName, Reddot, ReddotUser. After selecting all these users, click "OK". (Please note: The suffixes for IWAM and IUSR will correspond to the name of your server as discussed in step 5. Please note that the name of the "ReddotUser" account may have been changed by you during installation. If it was, you will need to select that user instead