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Type: TextboxioControl.PasteStyleValue

Default value:  PasteStyleValue.prompt ("prompt")

Possible values: prompt, clean, retain

This property is important if you wish to control how styled content is pasted within your application.  As the developer you can choose to force a specific behaviour OR enable the end user to choose via a prompt.  Content will always be imported as standards compliant HTML, this setting only governs how the styling information within the pasted content is preserved.

  • prompt - prompts the end user whether they wish to retain styles/formatting or not
  • clean - removes all styling information on only retains semantic markup
  • plain - only the plain text clipboard content is pasted, if any is available
  • retain - all styling information (e.g. fonts, colours, text sizes) is preserved

This property corresponds to the configuration: paste: style setting in the Javascript SDK. Please refer to the JavaScript property for more information.

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