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ASP.NET or JavaScript? for ASP.NET provides an ASP.NET server control that can be added to ASP.NET web forms. For some applications, it may be more appropriate to use the standard JavaScript SDK instead.

When to use the ASP.NET server control

The server control is suitable for traditional ASP.NET web forms applications. It makes many of's JavaScript functions and configuration available on the server side, accessible from your .NET web application. 

The server control addresses some challenges around form submission and validation. ASP.NET 3.5 and later are supported, including the ASP.NET AJAX framework.

When to use the JavaScript SDK

Some .NET web applications do not make much use of the ASP.NET framework and, instead, create the majority of their user interface using JavaScript and HTML. This is true of Single-Page Applications and other JavaScript-heavy UIs. If this sounds like your application, then the JavaScript SDK may be more appropriate.


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