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The configuration ui property defines options related to the editor UI, and allows for the configuration of the editor toolbar.


StringText to use for the editor's ARIA label instead of the default
ArraySpecifies available language codes that can be applied to content for internationalization (HTML lang attribute)
StringSpecifies editor UI language
ArraySpecifies the list of fonts available to the editor
BooleanWhether to enable content keyboard shortcuts
ObjectAn object representing the desired toolbar functionality for an editor.



For toolbar defaults and other configuration options, see the toolbar documentation page.


The default ARIA label is based on the ID attribute of the element that replaced. If the element does not have an ID attribute, a 6 digit string is generated based on the current time.

The default label is " Rich Text Editor - <id>" where <id> is the ID attribute value (or generated string). This string is translated into all supported languages.

If a string is provided for this setting, it will be used verbatim with no translation or other change applied to it.


This property is true by default. When set to false, most of the editor keyboard shortcuts will be disabled. The following shortcuts are not affected by this:

  • undo
  • redo
  • focus toolbar
  • open context menu

Use of this property does not alter the toolbar, it just deactivates the keyboard shortcuts.

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