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This option configures whether textboxio will automatically handle form submission for text areas. Its value must be either true or false

By default this is set to true.  When set to true textboxio handles form submission, it will place the contents of the editor back into its original textarea before the form submits. This process can be asynchronous as textboxio will upload any images first if required.

When textboxio is not handling form submission (i.e. autosubmit is set to false), the page's form submission will be unaffected. It is up to the integrator to ensure that images in the content are uploaded and the content of the original textarea is updated to match the editor's contents before the form submits.  This can be achieved by using the content.uploadImages() and content.get() functions.

Some frameworks will replace normal form submissions with AJAX requests. These frameworks may cause problems for textboxio's autosubmit functionality. It is recommended that you disable autosubmit by setting its value to false.

Example Configuration

In this example, a configuration object turns off the automatic form submission handling of textboxio.

var config = {
	autosubmit: false
var editor = textboxio.replace('#targetId', config);



True turns on textboxio's automatic form handling, and false turns it off. It will default to true if not specified.

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