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Installing EditLive! for IBM Connections

EditLive! for IBM Connections is provided as a packaged set of files ready to deploy as an IBM Connections JavaScript customization.  The integration makes EditLive! Enterprise Edition version 8.1 available as the rich text editor within IBM Connections.  For more information on the version of EditLive! packaged with this integration please see the changelog.html file included in the download or the EditLive! Documentation.
For Unix, Linux and AIX server deployments a shell script is provided that automates the majority of the deployment process.
For Microsoft Windows server deployments a MSI package is provides that automates the majority of the deployment process.

A set of manual installation steps are also included.

For comprehensive documentation on EditLive! Enterprise Edition's editing functionality, including detail on editor configuration and customization please see the EditLive! Documentation.

Before You Install


If you are upgrading from EditLive! for IBM Connections 1.0, you must uninstall this version before proceeding with the upgrade process. Further information can be found in the Version 1.0 Upgrade Notes.

You will need to disable the default use of HTTP Only cookies in WAS. Further information on how to do this can be found in Disabling HttpOnly cookies in WAS 8

If you are installing EditLive! for IBM Connections into a clustered instance of Connections and have not put the customisation subdirectory on a shared fileystem, accessible by all nodes, you will need to manually install EditLive! for IBM Connections on each node.

  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the EditLive! for IBM Connections from
  • Uncompress the EditLive! for IBM Connections package.
  • Make any changes you require to your EditLive! for IBM Connections configuration file.  See the documentation on Changing the EditLive! Configuration for more information.

Installation Steps

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