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Customizing EditLive! for IBM Connections

The functionality of the EditLive! instance installed by the EditLive! for IBM Connections integration can be customized by changing the configuration file for EditLive!.  Configuration changes enable administrators to configure the editor's behaviour and the toolbar buttons and menu items available in the editor.

This integration packages the full functionality and capabilities of the EditLive! Enterprise Edition including image editing, track changes, spell checking, accessibility checking and more.

Where possible changes to the EditLive! configuration for EditLive! for IBM Connections should be made prior to the install of EditLive!.  This customization guide provides instructions on how to access and change EditLive!'s configuration file for this integration.

For comprehensive documentation on EditLive! it's editing functionality, including detail on editor configuration and customization, please see the EditLive! documentation.

Before You Install

  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the EditLive! for IBM Connections from
  • Uncompress the EditLive! for IBM Connections zip package.
  • Make any changes you require to your EditLive! for IBM Connections configuration file.  See the documentation on Changing the EditLive! Configuration for more information.

Installation Steps

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