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 xt_edit.php -- add the article to the database
 Receives content from edit.asp
 Copyright (c) 2005 Ephox Corporation. All rights reserved.
 See license.txt for license agreement
// include the database wrapper functions
// redirect variable, we don't want to redirect if we have errors
$redirect = TRUE;
//Attempt to establish a connection with the database
if (!DBConnect()) {
       print DBError();
       $redirect = FALSE;
} else {
   // Get the POSTed data from the form and escape it for SQL using the function in i_database
   $articleID = escape_string($HTTP_POST_VARS["article_id"]);
   $articleTitle = escape_string($HTTP_POST_VARS["article_title"]);
   $articleStyleElementText = escape_string($HTTP_POST_VARS["ELJApplet1_styles"]);
   $articleBody = escape_string($HTTP_POST_VARS["ELJApplet1"]);
   // Insert the POSTed data into the database
   $query = "UPDATE articles SET article_title='$articleTitle', article_styleElementText='$articleStyleElementText',"
          . " article_body='$articleBody' WHERE article_id=$articleID";
   if (DBError() != "") {
           $redirect = FALSE;
   // Disconnect is required when updating
// redirect if no errors
    Header("Location: start.php");
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