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This property sets the content of EditLive! between the <HEAD> tags.


Visual Basic Script 
object.Head = strHead

This attribute no longer exists in the ASP.NET controls. Please use the Content property instead.




A string containing the text that will be the initial contents of the instance of EditLive! between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags.

The default value is an empty string.


The following code creates an instance of EditLive! and sets the initial contents of the document head to be <HEAD><TITLE>Example Head</TITLE><BASE href="" target="_TOP"></HEAD>.

editlive1.Head = "<HEAD><TITLE>Example Head</TITLE><BASE href="" target="_TOP"></HEAD>"
editlive_js.setHead(encodeURI('<HEAD><TITLE>Example Head</TITLE><BASE href="" target="_TOP"></HEAD>'));

The string passed to the JavaScript setHead property must be URL encoded. It is recommended that a server-side URL encoding function be used if available as the JavaScript URL encoding functions do not fully comply with the URL encoding standard.


When using the setDocument Method, the document <HEAD> specified by the Head property overwrites any information set in the <HEAD> of the document specified by the setDocument Method.

The information specified in the EditLive! XML Configuration Document in the <head> element overwrites any information specified for the document <HEAD> via either the setDocument or setHead load-time methods.

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