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Media aggregator services like provide oEmbed support for a broad range of media services. is a commercial media aggregator service that provides oEmbed support for over 250 different services.  A complete listing of supported service providers can be found on's site.

It's recommended that media aggregators be provided as a "fallback" service, used to attempt to match URLs for assets that don't match with any other services.  A fallback can be specified by using a scheme using the * wildcard to match all URLs.  


As a scheme of "*" will match all URLs it should be specified at the end of the list of services as services are tried in order until a match is found and "*" will match all URLs. Also, it is only valid to have a single endpoint associated with the "*" scheme.


The following example would ask for how to insert YouTube videos, and for all other links.


                <service name="YouTube" endpoint="" scheme="http://**" />
                <service name="" endpoint="<your key here>" scheme="*" />

Configuring for Usage is a commercial service and a key to access this service can be obtained directly from  This key needs to be specified in as part of the endpoint URL for the service:

<service name="" endpoint="<your key here>" scheme="*" />

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