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Accessibility As You Type allows elements in the editor's document to display icons representing their accessible state. Currently Accessibility As You Type supports feedback for the current HTML elements:

  • <IMG>
  • <TABLE> (and its child elements) 
  • <DIV>

In order for users to utilize the Accessibility As You Type functionality, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Users are still operating the editor in their 30 day trial period, or
  • An Enterprise Edition license has been installed for the editor. See the Licensing EditLive! article for more information.

Enabling Accessibility As You Type

There are two steps to perform in order to enable Accessibility As You Type.

Enabling the Accessibility As You Type Plugin

Accessibility As You Type is a plugin packaged with EditLive!. Because this plugin is packaged by default, you can simply specify the name attribute accessibility for a <plugin> element resident in your EditLive! Configuration File.

               <plugin name="accessibility" />
Specifying the Accessibility As You Type Toolbar and/or Menu Item

The Menu and Toolbar Item List features a toggle toolbar/menu item for activating or deactivating Accessibility As You Type.

Modifying Accessibility As You Type

Enabling/Disabling Accessibility As You Type by Default

The <accessibilityChecks> configuration file element provides developers with an option for enabling/disabling Accessibility As You Type by default.

Adjusting the Error/Warning Level for Accessible Elements

The <accessibilityChecks> configuration file element also provides developers with options for whether specific accessibility checks will return errors, warnings, or nothing.

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