EditLive! 9 Documentation : setName Method

This property declares the name for the EditLive! applet. This name is used when posting the content from EditLive! as part of a HTML <form>. EditLive! posts its content in a form field which is named according to the value of the Name property. The style information from the EditLive! instance is posted in the field designated NAME_styles where NAME represents the value of the Name property.

Furthermore, the JavaScript object instantiated by the server-side scripting load-time and run-time properties is named NAME_js where NAME represents the value of the Name property. This JavaScript object is used when interacting with EditLive! via the JavaScript run-time properties.

This property is required to be set for an Ephox EditLive! for Java applet to run.

When creating an instance of EditLive! using JavaScript, this property is not needed. The name of the applet is defined in the EditLive! JavaScript Constructor.


Visual Basic Script
object.Name = strName
ASP.NET (EditLiveJava control)

The "Name" and "AppletName" no longer exist on this control. Please use the "ID" property instead.



A string specifying a name for this applet.


The following code would set the name of the EditLive! instance to ELApplet1.

editlive1.Name = "ELApplet1"

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