EditLive! 9 Documentation : Troubleshooting in IBM WCM

IBM OEM Support

Please note: If you have obtained EditLive for IBM WCM directly from IBM you will need to lodge support requests exclusively with IBM and not Tiny. This will ensure your issues are addressed in the most expedient fashion and that you only need to work with one vendor.

Local Multimedia Objects Don't Upload

If you've configured EditLive! to allow users to insert multimedia objects (e.g. flash, mp3), you'll notice that these files aren't uploaded from the user's local file system to the Web Content Management server. Unfortunately the IBM File Transfer Applet doesn't upload these objects to the server.

EditLive! allows developers to specify their own upload scripts to transfer images and multimedia objects to a server-side location. For more information on configuring EditLive! for multimedia uploading, see the EditLive! Developer Guide packaged with this integration.

Hyperlinks to Web Content Management Items Aren't Checked by the Broken Hyperlink Report

Due to several issues with the Web Content Management hyperlink structures, the EditLive! Broken Hyperlink Report is unable to verify if these links are valid. Any Web Content Management specific hyperlinks in EditLive!'s current document will not be displayed in the Broken Hyperlink Report, regardless of their validity.

Logging a Support Request with Tiny

If you find a bug with either the EditLive! editor or the integration's operation itself, you can log a bug with Tiny at Tiny Support.

Before logging a bug, you'll need to obtain the following details:

  • Which version of EditLive! are you using (you can find this by clicking the Ephox Icon -> About EditLive! menu item)?
  • Which version of the Tiny integration into WCM are you using (the integration version number can be located in the res/editlivejava/versions.txt file in your WCM install)?
  • Which version of WCM are you running, and on what IBM Platform?

You will also need to turn HTTP debugging on for the EditLive! editor. To turn the editor debugging on, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the EditLiveJavaEditor.jsp file located in the jsp/html directory for your WCM install.
  2. Locate the following line of code:

  3. Remove the // characters from the line of code.
  4. Save the file.

Replicate the issue and copy the contents of the Java console to a text file. Attach this file to the support request.

Locate the SystemErr.log and SystemOut.log files (located in the PortalServer/log directory for your Websphere instance) and also attach these files to the support request.

If you can replicate the issue, please provide the steps required to replicate the issue, as well as any additional files required.