EditLive! 9 Documentation : Table Accessibility

Table Accessibility features an assortment of tools for ensuring that tables within your HTML document conform to various accessibility guidelines (such as the W3C Accssibility Compliance Guidelines and the United States Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines). 

Table Accessibility features the following Enterprise Edition only components:

All remaining Table Accessibility functionality outlined in the Menu and Toolbar Item List is available in the standard install of EditLive!.

In order for users to utilize the Apply Cell Headers and Display Header to Data Mappings functionalities, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Users are still operating the editor in their 30 day trial period, or
  • An Enterprise Edition license has been installed for the editor. See the Licensing EditLive! article for more information.

Enabling Table Accessibility

Two steps must be performed in order to enable Table Accessibility.

Enabling the Table Accessibility Plugin

Table Accessibility is a plugin packaged with EditLive!. Because this plugin is packaged by default, you can simply specify the name attribute tableToolbar for a <plugin> element resident in your EditLive! Configuration File.

               <plugin name="tableToolbar" />
Specifying the Table Accessibility Toolbar and/or Menu Items

The Menu and Toolbar Item List features a toggle toolbar/menu item for activating or deactivating Table Accessibility.