EditLive! 9 Documentation : Licensing EditLive for RedDot

The integration will work for 30 days without a license - so if you are evaluating EditLive you can safely skip this section. However, if you have an Tiny license key you need to install that in the C:\Program Files\RedDot\CMS\ASP\Ephox\Configuration.xml file.

The license file provided by Tiny contains a small bit of XML that needs to be placed into the <licenses> section of C:\Program Files\RedDot\CMS\ASP\Ephox\Configuration.xml.

  1. Open the license file provided by Tiny.
  2. Copy the <license> section - make sure you get the opening and closing <license> tags but not the <ephoxLicenses> tags!
  3. Open Configuration.xml in a text editor.
  4. In Configuration.xml paste the <license> content into the <ephoxLicenses> section of the configuration file. Please note that there should already be a <license> tag within the file - do not remove that license section simply add this license after the existing <license>.
  5. Save Configuration.xml and close the file.