EditLive!'s Advanced API and plugin functionality is only supported with an EditLive! Enterprise Edition license.

The Advanced APIs are a set of Java classes and interfaces, allowing extensive customization of the EditLive! applet. The classes used to customize the applet are documented in the EditLive! JavaBean APIs. These APIs are documented in Java-docs style, detailing the properties and methods of each interface and class used in the advanced APIs.

The Java APIs can be accessed in Java-doc format in the EditLive! SDK.

For the ELJBean class in the Advanced APIs, the ELJBean constructor cannot be used. To use the Advanced APIs, a Java class must be defined where the constructor takes an instance of ELJBean as it's parameter.

In order to load the newly created Java class utilizing the Advanced APIs, you can use either the AddJar, AddPlugin, or AddPluginAsText load-time property.