EditLive! 9 Documentation : Installing a License

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach developers how to install their EditLive! license.

When purchasing an EditLive! license from Tiny you will be sent an email containing your license in an editlive.lic file.

To activate an EditLive! license, the information in your editlive.lic file needs to be stored in an EditLive! Configuration File to be used by the editor. EditLive! Configuration Files can be edited using a text editing application (such as Microsoft Notepad). This tutorial describes how to use this method for installing an EditLive! license.


The Installing a License Tutorial provides a step-by-step walk-through on how to create and edit configuration files.

For the purpose of this tutorial, the assumption is that you wish to apply your license to the default Configuration File packaged with EditLive!. The steps outlined in this tutorial can be applied to any configuration file.


The complete code view for all the associated files in the Installing a License Tutorial is available here.