EditLive! 9 Documentation : Getting the Body in the Applet

For many developers integrating EditLive! into their application, the editor's purpose will be to allow users to generate extensively rich segments of HTML. Often the user isn't required to create a complete HTML document, but rather HTML that is rendered out as a portion of a larger webpage.

To remove the complexity from having to deal with entire HTML documents when only snippets of HTML are desired, EditLive! provides the ability to extract only the contents of the <BODY> element of its HTML Document.

This tutorial provides developers with the knowledge required to extract only the <BODY> of the HTML Document stored in EditLive! at run-time.

When submitting a HTML form to a server, EditLive! will automatically create hidden form fields and populate these hidden form fields with the HTML contents of EditLive!. For more information, see the Retrieving Content From EditLive! article in the Developer Guide.


The Getting the Body in the Applet Tutorial provides a step-by-step walk-through on how to extract the <BODY> element of the HTML Document stored in EditLive!.


The complete code view for all the associated files in the Getting the Body in the Applet Tutorial is available here.