EditLive! 9 Documentation : Disabling HTML5 Features

HTML5 features may be unsupported or undesired in certain installation environments, particularly when targeting content against older web browsers that might not support HTML5.  Within EditLive! HTML5 features can be disabled using the configuration items below.


Even when these features are disabled EditLive! will support rendering these HTML5 tags and users may still create content with these tags in the source code editor view.

Removing HTML5 Audio and Video Features

The functionality to insert/edit HTML5 Audio and Video can be removed by setting the values of the allowHtml5Audio and allowHtml5Video attributes of the multimedia configuration element.  This configuration is shown below:

Audio + Video Tabs
<multimedia allowHtml5Audio="false" allowHtml5Video="false">

This configuration will remove the Video and Audio tabs from the Insert Media dialog.

Removing HTML5 Semantic Block Element Features

The functionality to insert/remove HTML5 section elements can be disabled by removing these items from the EditLive! configuration.  The items that need to be removed are shown below:

Section Operations
<menu name="ephox_insertmenu">
	<menuItem name="CreateSection" />
	<menuItem name="RemoveSection" />