EditLive! 9 Documentation : Deploying to an External Web Server

This document outlines how to deploy the Ephox EditLive! SDK to a Web server external to your local machine.

In order to deploy to an external Web server you must have write permissions for the directory on the Web server where you wish to deploy the EditLive! SDK.

Ensure that you have the correct SDK for your Web server architecture.

Deployment Details 

To deploy the EditLive! SDK to an external Web server:

  1. Install EditLive! on your local machine.
  2. Locate the directory where you installed EditLive!.
  3. Copy the webfolder subdirectory to the location where you wish to deploy it to on the external Web server.
  4. To access the EditLive! SDK on the external Web server direct your browser to http://YOUR_WEB_SERVER/LOCATION_OF_EDITLIVE_WEBFOLDER/
    1. YOUR_WEB_SERVER - name of the external web server you have deployed to
    2. LOCATION_OF_EDITLIVE_WEBFOLDER - the location to which the EditLive! SDK webfolder directory was copied to in the above steps

The EditLive! SDK should now be ready to use from the external Web server.

If you are using the EditLive! J2EE SDK then please consult the documentation for your server for information on how to achieve deployment of a Web archive (.war file) to a remote server.