EditLive! 9 Documentation : Customizing the Color Picker

EditLive! uses the same color chooser dialog throughout the editor. This color chooser dialog can be seen when using the following functionality in the editor:

  • Selecting the foreground/background color for text
  • Selecting the background color for table cells, rows, columnsĀ 
  • Selecting the color for HR HTML elements

This color chooser dialog can be customized by editing the Configuration File used by the editor.

Color Picker Configuration Elements

The color picker can be configured using the <colorPalette> and <color> elements respectively. Using these configuration elements, you can specify which colors appear in the color picker as well as limit users from specifying their own custom colors.

The following XML in an EditLive! Configuration File would display the colors red, blue, and yellow in the color chooser used by the editor.

Colors must be specified using their hexadecimal representation (e.g. "#1234AB").

      <color name="#FF0000" />
      <color name="#0000FF" />
      <color name="#FFFF00" />

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