EditLive! 9 Documentation : Creating and Editing Configuration Files Tutorial

Getting Started

Required Skills

The following skills are required prior to working with this tutorial:

  • Basic Knowledge of XML
Required Tutorials Completed

The following tutorials are required to be undertaken before attempting this tutorial:

Manually Editing a Configuration File with a Text Editor

This tutorial describes how to edit Configuration Files of any variety by editing the source file itself.

Step 1. Open the sample_eljconfig.xml Configuration File

For your EditLive! SDK, open the redistributables/edlitlivejava directory in your SDK. Locate the sample_eljconfig.xml Configuration File. This file is the default Configuration File provided by Ephox.

Open the sample_eljconfig.xml Configuration File using a text editor.

Step 2. Locate the <sourceEditor> Configuration Element

EditLive! Configuration Files use XML to store information. Use the Reference section of this SDK to read up on the <sourceEditor> Configuration File element.

By using the Configuration Element Tree Structure depicted in the <sourceEditor> article, you can see where in the Configuration File this element will be located.

Locate the <sourceEditor> element as it's structured in the sample_eljconfig.xml file.

    Specify settings for the Source (code) view of the editor 
    <sourceEditor showBodyOnly="false"/>

Step 3. Change the showBodyOnly Attribute

By changing the showBodyOnly attribute of <sourceEditor> to false, any instance of EditLive! that uses this Configuration File will only allow users to view and edit the contents of the <BODY> attributte for the HTML Document stored in EditLive!.

Change the value of the showBodyOnly attribute from false to true. Save the Configuration File as config_tutorial.xml.

    Specify settings for the Source (code) view of the editor 
    <sourceEditor showBodyOnly="true"/>

Now you are ready to add the configuration file to the editor. To do this, go to either the Specifying the Configuration File in an EditLive! Applet Tutorial or Specifying the Configuration File in EditLive! for Java Swing Tutorial.


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