This article gives developers information on how to compile and run Java applications containing an instance of the EditLive! for Java Swing.

Compiling Applications Containing the EditLive! for Java Swing

Before compiling a Java application containing the EditLive! for Java Swing, you must ensure that the editlivejava.jar file is on the classpath so that the EditLive! for Java Swing classes can be found. The method for doing this will vary depending on your operating system and development environment. If you are using the command-line tools provided with the Java SDK, you can add the option -classpath /path/to/editlivejava.jar where /path/to/editlivejava.jar is the path to the editlivejava.jar file.

To compile the file, if the files and editlivejava.jar are both inside the /bin directory of your Java SDK:

javac -classpath .;editlivejava.jar;

This will produce the file BasicEL.class.

java -classpath .;editlivejava.jar; BasicEL

This will run the BasicEL application.