EditLive! 9 Documentation : Client Install

The EditLive! applet is automatically deployed to users through Java's applet deployment technology. This allows users to have EditLive! seamlessly installed when first running a page containing EditLive!. Users are not required to physically download and install EditLive! themselves. This greatly simplifies the process for the end user. 

What is Required to Use EditLive!

EditLive! requires that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or above is installed on the user's computer. If this is not detected then EditLive! will automatically deploy and install a version of the JRE. 

Getting the Java Runtime Environment

Copies of Sun Microsystem's Java Runtime Environment can be found on the Java Web site. Developers can download JRE installers from the Java Web site for hosting on their servers for the purposes of deploying the JRE.

Installing the EditLive! Client

EditLive! is automatically deployed to users via the Java Applet technology using signed JAR files. All the files necessary to achieve the deployment of EditLive! are included in the SDK and can easily be hosted on a Web server.

When a page containing EditLive! is first accessed by a user, the client machine downloads the files necessary to run EditLive! and permanently caches them on the client machine. When accessing the page in future, the files necessary to run EditLive! will be loaded from the cache.

If the distribution of EditLive! is updated on the server, any updated files are automatically deployed to the client upon their first access and cached.